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When I attend a conference I’m pretty happy if I come away from it with at least one practical takeaway per day of the conference. The UXPA International 2018 conference in Puerto Rico was three days long, so I’m very pleased with five takeaways. Here they are. (You can also see my photos from the conference on Flickr.)

  1. The Sentence Completion Method for UX Research
    The opening keynote at the conference was given by Dr. Carine Lallemand of the University of Luxembourg. Keynote talks are supposed to be inspiring, which hers was, but it was also informative. She covered a number of UX research methods in her talk, some of which I wasn’t really familiar with. One of the techniques she covered is the sentence completion method, which is surprisingly simple but powerful…
  2. The User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ)
    I’m excited when I get one practical takeaway from a single talk, but I’m thrilled when I get two. This is another one from Carine Lallemand’s opening keynote. I’m familiar with a number of standard questionnaires for assessing perceived usability or user experience (e.g., SUSQUISSUPR-QSUMIAttrakDiff) but I wasn’t familiar with the User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ). It consists of 26 semantic differential scales…

  3. Using Cognitive Interviews to Test Surveys
    When I see that two different sessions at a UXPA conference are discussing a research method I’m not really familiar with, I take notice. Cognitive interviewing is a technique that I had only seen used on TV shows like CSI where the police are interviewing a witness and using verbal probes to try to improve recall of an event. But the technique can also be applied to UX research…

  4. Cognitive Biases Are Important!
    This one also falls in the category of two different talks addressing a similar topic — namely cognitive biases. I certainly knew about cognitive biases in general (e.g., the confirmation bias, where people tend to pay more attention to things that confirm their preconceptions), but I wasn’t aware of all the biases that were covered in these talks. And I also hadn’t seen this graphic that they both used for illustrating the extremely wide range of cognitive biases…

  5. Less is More
    One of the other talks that I really enjoyed at the conference was by Nim Dvir and entitled “Less is More: An Empirical Investigation of the Relationship Between Amount of ‎Digital Content and User Engagement”.  He studied two different versions of a landing page in a live A/B test. Using Google Adwords and Unbounce, people were randomly directed to either the long or short version of the landing page. The call to action (to enter their email address) was at the top in both designs and presented in the same way…

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