Thomas S. Tullis
HCI International 2005 Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. July 22-27, 2005.
Publication year: 2005

This paper describes ten of the most common mistakes, from a human-factors or usability perspective, in presenting information on the web.  The ten mistakes are: (1) burying information too deep in a website, (2) overloading pages with too much material, (3) providing awkward or confusing navigation, (4) putting information in unexpected places on the page, (5) not making links obvious and clear, (6) presenting information in bad tables, (7) making text so small that many users cannot read it, (8) using color combinations for text that many users cannot read, (9) using bad forms, and (10) hiding (or not providing) features that could help users.  Examples are included for each mistake, as is an explanation of why the usability evidence shows that it is a mistake, and what can be done to avoid it.

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