Here are the titles of the presentations from the Usability Professionals Association (UPA) 2007 conference, as given on the CD-ROM proceedings:

  • Activity Modeling and Activity-Centered Design
  • Applying Usability to Graphical Data Representation
  • Becoming a Usability Coach: Proving Success One Champion at a Time
  • Best Practices For Multi-channel Experiences
  • Beyond Screen Readers: A Field Study of Visually Impaired Users
  • But How Do You Get Them to LISTEN? : Institutionalizing Usability at Decentralized Organizations
  • Case Study: 3 Ways of Combining Online Surveys and Ethnographic Field Studies for Product Innovation Cases
  • Case Study: Optimizing the Account Opening Process
  • Case Study: Using Web Survey Methodology to Conduct a Closed Card Sort
  • Combining the Quantitative with the Qualitative – Web Analytics and Usability
  • Contextual Inquiry: Get Out of Your Cube!
  • Creating & Evangelizing Web Standards (Without Gnashing of Teeth, Smashed Furniture and other Unseemly Tantrums)
  • Designing a Specific Use Case Pattern Set for Enterprise Applications
  • Designing An Improved User-Interface For Interventional Angiography And Cardiology X-Ray Systems
  • Designing for Small Screens: Crossing from Web to Product Design
  • Driving User Interface Design, Product Pricing, And Product Positioning Strategies Through Usability Performance Metrics
  • Evaluating User Expectations for Widescreen Content Layout
  • Guidelines for Successful Recruitment in International Usability Studies
  • Hone Your Design Skills with a Personal Design Library
  • How Brands Succeed Online
  • How to Introduce User-Centered Design to Corporate IT
  • Innovations In Visual Information Design And Multi-Ethnic Usability Testing: How To Create Better Products And Bigger Profits
  • International Collaboration for Design, Development, and Usability
  • International Usability Evaluation and User Research
  • Life’s a Story: Use Cases and Wikis as Team Communication
  • Looking into the Crystal Ball: The Future of Usability
  • Micro-Usability: Usability for Wireless Handheld Devices and Applications
  • Mining Usability Feedback Sources
  • Overcoming Mobile Usability Testing Hurdles: A Mobile Payments Case Study
  • Podcasting About Usability: Tips For Practitioners
  • Promoting Style Guidelines Usage to Create a Shared Responsibility for the User Experience (UX)
  • Researching and Designing Life and Death User Experiences
  • Selecting Methods Based on Reducing Risk
  • Selecting the Best Graph Based on Data, Tasks and User Roles
  • Semantic Web User Interaction: What’s New, What’s Important
  • So You Want to Be a Rock Star (Usability Consultant)
  • Testing and Designing for Latino Users in the US
  • Testing Textbooks: What Usability Testing Can Teach Us about Textbook Design
  • The “Googlefication” of Site Search: Adapting to Google’s Influence on User Behavior
  • The Challenges of Integrating Usability
  • The ROI of Web Redesigns Made Simple
  • The Silver Tsunami: Converging Business Forces Of Aging Demographics, Accessibility And Usability
  • Training Up To Senior – Bridging The Gulf Between Internships And Senior UCD Positions
  • Tuning Your Web Content For Usability
  • Universal Usability of Dynamic Content: Making Flash, AJAX, and DHTML Usable for Everyone
  • Usability in the Financial Services Industry
  • Usability Issues in Offshore Development: An Indian Perspective
  • User Experience Advocacy Strategy and Tools for Large Organizations
  • User-centered Information Architecture: Fast, Cheap And Data Driven
  • User-Centered Map Design
  • Using Closed Card-Sorting to Evaluate Information Architectures

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    […] started analyzing the titles of the presentations from the two conferences. The 2007 conference had 51 presentations while the 2017 conference had 69 […]

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