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UX Trivia Quiz #9– November 2017

UX Trivia Quiz #9

This month’s UX Trivia Quiz includes a nod to World Usability Day, which is being celebrated on Thursday, November 9th.

I’ve done some calculations based on the results from all the previous quizzes. There have been a total of 1,690 respondents. The mean # correct (out of 10 questions per quiz) is 5.4, and the median is 5.0.  So if you get more than 5 correct, you can consider yourself an “Above-average UX Trivia Geek!” And a score of 9 out of 10 correct puts you in the 91st percentile, which I think qualifies as a “UX Trivia Expert!”

Previous Quizzes:

If a separate link to the answers is not shown below, the correct answer is always the first one shown in the results (but they were shown in a random order in the quiz).

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