Here are the titles of the presentations from the UXPA 2017 conference:

  • 360° Review Of Remote UX
  • A Practical Guide To International Design And Research: Stories From The Trenches And Tips To Fit Any Budget
  • Applying Science To Personas: Merging Small Sample Qualitative Insights With Large Sample
  • As Machine Learning And AI Perform Magic, How Can UX Professionals Help?
  • Becoming A Storyteller For The Design Process: Telling The Customer’s Stories
  • Bringing Your Humanity To Work
  • Chat-Bots: The Next Big Thing Or A Passing Fad?
  • Collaborative Experience Mapping: Leveraging Groups For Rapid, Customer-Generated Journey Maps
  • Creative Clarity: Finding Focus In The Midst Of Ambiguity
  • Demystifying Magic: How UX Research Enables Developers To Build Artificial Intelligence
  • Describing The Lives Of Boston’s Middle Income Residents: Introducing Qualitative Research Into Civic Housing Design
  • Design By Number – The Art Of Data Visualization
  • Design Creates Culture. Testing Creates Duck Dynasty.
  • Design Leadership, A Career Path For Brave Souls
  • Design Secrets Hiding In Your Web Analytics Data
  • Designing And Evaluating Powerful, Relevant Search And Browse Experiences
  • Designing For Instinct
  • Designing For Virtual Reality — Beyond The Games
  • Designing With The Mind In Mind: The Psychological Basis For UI Design Guidelines
  • Diversity In High-Tech: Retaining Women Once Hired
  • Enterprise UX Research: Strategies For Solving Juicy Problems
  • Enterprise, Agile, And UX: Making It Work Today, Tomorrow, And Beyond
  • Ethics: A Human-Centered Design Goal
  • Evaluating Complex Systems: Strategies For Testing Systems You Can’t Understand
  • Experience Mapping: Your Roadmap To Successful Applications
  • Experience Streams In Cross-Channel Service Design: Leveraging Stats And Insights
  • Get Out Of The Rut And Back In Your Groove
  • Have I Got A Story For You! Using UX Stories To Create Empathy, Engage Your Audience And Communicate Like A Pro
  • How Ethnography Can Save You Money
  • How To Perform An Accessibility Evaluation
  • How We (Sort Of) Made UX And Agile Work – A Case Study
  • Intro To UX Research Methods
  • Introducing A New UX Maturity Metric: The Team Engagement Score (TES) During Usability Testing
  • Is Ethnography Possible Without Field Research? Here’s What To Do If You Can’t Visit Your Target Users
  • Look Ma! No Screens! Conducting UX Research On Non-Visual User Experiences.
  • Make It Measurable: Experience Design Metrics
  • Mapping The Competitive Landscape
  • Mechanical Turk Demystified: Best Practices For Sourcing And Scaling Quality Participants For Your Niche
  • Medical Devices At Home
  • Mentorship – Add Value To Your Career, Workplace, And UX Community
  • Museums + Technology = UX: The Future Of The Museum Experience
  • New Mobile App Heuristics: Guidelines To Quickly Boost The User Satisfaction Of Your App By 50%
  • Practical Accessibility: Advice From The Front Lines
  • Practical Ethnographic Methods
  • Pursuing Persuasion: How To Impact Behavioural Change On Your Users Worldwide
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Rethinking The Opportunities Presented By Industry-Academic Partnerships
  • Roll Up Your Sleeves & Get Dirty In The Data: Workshops To Maximize The Impact Of Research Insights
  • Show Some Emotion: Personality In UX Design
  • Solving The Planning Puzzle – Plan Your Next Project With Ease!
  • Split Focus: Designing Applications For Multiple Monitor Setups
  • Stop The Madness! 10 Common UX Design Mistakes And How You Can Avoid Them
  • Stop! Collaborate And Strategise: Techniques To Maximise Research Impact
  • Surviving Your UX Career
  • Switches, Keyguards, Eyegaze Trackers: Designing Device Interfaces For Radical Accessibility
  • Taking A Step Bach To See What’s Haydn In Plain Sight: Lessons On Problem-Solving, Inclusivity, and Empowerment From Classical Music
  • The Basics Of Consulting, Freelancing And Moonlighting
  • The Future Depends On You: Importance Of Informed Design
  • The Ncredible Framework: A Transparent Approach To Aligning And Designing Research Studies
  • The Sprint Method: Case Studies Of Implementation In A Corporate Environment
  • The UX Of Augmented Reality
  • User Experience Maturity Modeling
  • User Interface Design Style Guides Are Not Dead, They Just Smell Funny
  • Using Gamified Design To Amplify Outcomes: The Psychology Of Badges
  • UX After Dark
  • UX Career Clinic
  • Visualizing Data For Presentations, Dashboards And UIs
  • Wearable Out Of Box Experiences
  • Where Do I Go From Here? Moving Your UX Career To The Next Level

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  1. Usability & UX: 2017 vs. 2007 – UX Metrics Geek

    […] Being a quant geek, I started analyzing the titles of the presentations from the two conferences. The 2007 conference had 51 presentations while the 2017 conference had 69 presentations. […]

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